About us

Our team is made up of enthusiasts and professionals with the mission to help people with the tools that are useful for a long and healthy life.


After a significant rugby injury at 16, Jake turned his personal recovery journey into a career in osteopathy and movement coaching. His experience with progressive exercises and movement not only healed his own body, but also inspired him to help others.

Now, Jake brings his expansive knowledge and unique story to onewayto, providing personalized guidance to help clients embrace their bodies and unleash their potential. From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to working in Esports, Jake's diverse background enriches our team and our mission.


Ariel's journey in the world of movement began as a bodybuilder. As he matured and explored different paths, Ariel shifted away from bodybuilding, seeking new horizons to expand his knowledge and expertise. With years of dedicated work and movement exploration, Ariel acquired certifications with FM, GMB, MovNat, FRC and more embracing the quest to become a lifelong student and a mindful teacher.
With a diverse teaching background ranging from 80-year-olds to children, Ariel empowers individuals to increase awareness, prevent injuries, and move pain-free.


Kasper has started making videos when he was 9, bought his first cinema camera in his last year of high-school, moved to Berlin where he met Jake and Ariel and has since perfected his video workflows.

Interested in building an amazing community with onewayto he himself is staying the student – in mind, media and movement.

Movement is not just an action – it's a way of life that celebrates diverse paths to physical and mental growth.

"onewayto" embodies the essence of our philosophy. We firmly believe that there's not just one prescribed way to move or think. Instead, we cherish individuality and acknowledge that there are countless routes to reaching a specific goal or unlocking hidden potentials.

We are more than just movement enthusiasts. We're dedicated to helping individuals move pain-free and rediscover their own natural potential. Through personalized approaches, we empower our students to overcome physical limitations and embrace their unique capabilities.

What our members say


Ariel's dedication to understanding the body holistically and his talent for applying that knowledge to each body that he works with is unique and unparalleled.


Das klappt sogar bei mir, über 70 jährigen, und macht obendrein Spaß!


I give it to Ari for helping me change my life in the exact way I wanted to change it. The gift I gained through working with him is immensely valuable.


Skillful and kind

I have worked with Jake for many years now around movement and fitness. His specialist knowledge is immense. He has always used my personal strengths and abilities to guide the work we have done, which has not only improved my confidence but has created a more trusting relationship with my body.
Jake brings enthusiasm, compassion and knowledge alongside his incredible teaching and demonstration skills. I would wholeheartedly recommend working alongside him.


A mentor and a good friend

Remember observing at this anonymous guy moving like feather carried by the wind. With time and some luck, he became a training partner, someone to consult, someone to get inspired, a mentor and a good friend. Thanks Jake


Life-changing. That’s the way I would describe working with Ariel. For the first time, at the age of 50, I’m beginning to understand the potential of my body.


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